RoGue Bio

RoGue has had a tremendous year. Labeled as an independent band, this is no trio of amateurs. Erika Roshawn, Melina Rochelle and Krystle Roquel are masters of their craft. With the release of their sophomore album, Play The Game and a recent Los Angeles Music Awards nomination, the band has had their hands full with their success. Hailed as "impressively inventive" by LookInside Magazine, RoGue has proven to be a worthy contender among Los Angeles' myriad of indie bands.  The three sisters originally from the Bay Area and now based in Los Angeles are taking the west coast by storm. It's a family affair and the fans are loving it.

The three harmonic sisters with one melodic sound have merged soul, jazz, and
alternative grooves into an organically rich sound called: alternative-soul.   As natural born performers, they take pride in making their live performances well-rounded memorable shows.  They released their sophomore album, Play the Game, in November of 2005 and continue to make new music and sweet sounds.

With an extensive background in music and theatre, Erika RoShawn, Melina
RoChelle, and Krystle RoQuel are the base and voices of RoGue.  As the
pianist, Erika is a source of inspiration and composition; Melina provides
the imaginative lyrics and melodies; and Krystle infuses harmonies and
steady rhythm.   The supporting band is comprised of Robert Keding on
drums, Michael Mallory on bass, and Joerg Stoeffel on guitar.  Robert,
Michael, and Joerg hail from Berkley School of Music and are an integral
part of RoGue's eclectic sound.

RoGue: Play The Game

Don't let the title fool you - this is not a game. This is a full-on vocal war. If your ears are craving gritty, brassy vocals, lyrics that carry you from melancholy to exuberant, and arrangements that leave no chord unturned, then this is definitely the album for you.

"Play The Game" is like nothing you've ever heard and yet often feels familiar. With tracks reminiscent of your first Ani DiFranco concert or a dance party in your best friend's basement back in the day, the album reunites you with styles you've missed and gives you unique and new grooves to fall in love with. The band delivers a soundtrack for your generation, but plays across all decades and produces an album that both takes you back and pulls you forward. Shake your groove thing on tracks like "Dance With Me" and "I Wish" and lose your breath on songs like "Jagienka," a rich, earthy, acapella track about living your life to the fullest.

The band comes bearing rare musical gifts. And this gift is for you. If you love rock, soul, jazz, blues, disco, funk or dance, "Play The Game" is a must-have for your collection.