The Production Company
Professional Mastering, Recording & Rehearsal Studio
Located in Hermosa Beach, California.
Serving the Los Angeles and South Bay Area.


Trident 24 Mixing Console

16 Track 2" MM 1200 Tape Recorder
Eventide Model H3000 S Ultra Harmonizer
Eventide Model H3000 SE Ultra Harmonizer
PCM 70 Digital Effects Processor
Roland Midi Digital Reverb SRV-2000
Roland Digital Delay SDE-3000
ART SGE Digital Super-Effector/Pitch Transposer
2 DBX 165A Over Easy Limiter Compressors
2 Drawer Dual-Audio Compressor DL241's
ff ISA430 Focusrite Producer Pack
2 Rane ME 30 Micro Graphic Equalizers
Roland Chorus Echo SRE-555
Roland U-110 PCN Sound Module
JBL 4206 Playback Monitors


Keyboards, Bass, Guitars & Drums Available
Alesis HR-16 High Sample Rate/16 Bit Drum Machine
Alesis SR-16/16 Bit Drum Machine
Roland Human Rhythm Composer R-8 mkII