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Renowned guitar teacher, writer, producer and
arranger Karl Frederick Grossman has put
together a group of players to bring you his CD "Picture Tube". This is a refreshing look at compositions with amazing melodies that represent the musicianship of this unique and fine artist. Recorded and mixed at Karl's own studio "Music Focus" be ready for a quality sound and a real musical treat.


Karl Grossman: Guitar
Richard Schwagerl: Vibraphone
Gary Ferguson: Drums
Mike McLinden: Bass
Craig Roth: Keyboard

Guest Players

Kevin O'neal: Bass
"Zion And Picture Tube"
John Meadows: Bass
"Ten Million Aprils"
Dave Plenty: Drums
"Ten Million Aprils"

Karl's new Cd "Mar de Vida" is out now.

There are many tales told here - of horses and kings,
dreams and mist, sun, cities, oceans, canyons...
Karl creates uniquely deep music you listen to with your ears and your heart. There is a memory of these pieces somewhere in your past or sometime in your future. You are invited to sail along on this
"Mar de Vida".

Karl F. Grossman: Instruments and Vocals

Guest Musicians

Mick Linden: Upright Bass
"Dreaming of Driftwood"
Al Salas: Morrocan Tabla Drum

Karl Frederick Grossman Cd "Picture Tube"
and "Mar de Vida" is available at the


You can also listen to Karl and his other project
"Luna Loka" on Rockzion Extreme Radio


CONTACT NUMBER: 310-379-6477